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Rios & King Guitar Duo

Omar Rios – electro-classical guitar, Artur King – electro-acoustic guitar.


Hailing from two culturally contrasting parts of the world, Poland and Nicaragua, guitarists Rios and King first connected in 2021 and have been making an impact ever since.

The London-based duo have already made big impressions at venues such as Temple of Art & Music, Pizza Express Soho, Pizza Express Holborn, Old Street Records & Groucho Members Club Soho, and have performed for many special private events for London-Nashville and London-Las Vegas tourism industry audiences.


Their electrifying live show displays a deep connection which transcends their individual virtuosity, each performance a nuanced musical conversation in terms of energy, sound quality, dynamics, articulation and expression.

Their repertoire is rich, taking the listener on a journey through the styles and genres featuring a blend of original compositions, Latin fusion, Bossa-Nova, Jazz, Soul, Pop and even Acoustic Rock standards in fresh, brave interpretations.


This act is definitely one not to be missed!

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