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Natacha Atlas

Anglo-Egyptian Natacha Atlas exploded onto the scene in the early 90s with a voice and a sound like no other. Drawing upon her middle-eastern heritage she rapidly gained recognition for her pioneering work with seminal British acts like Transglobal Underground, Nitin Sawhney and Talvin Singh.


Snapped up by Beggars Banquet, a slew of internationally-acclaimed solo albums ensued, unique in her melding of all manner of Western pop (hip hop, drum n bass, electronica, club culture) with vocal performances in primarily Arabic, occasionally in French, Spanish and Hindi. Her output has been richly diverse, with numerous interdisciplinary collaborations (film, fashion, video game soundtracks, contemporary dance, etc).


Natacha’s more recent work has increasingly embraced the acoustic realm, spanning Arabic classics to orchestral collaborations, leading almost inevitably to the infinite possibilities of jazz. Her current album Strange Days (Whirlwind Recordings) is her first fullyrealised jazz album, featuring some of Britain’s finest jazz talents. Described as “a sophisticated meeting of jazz and Arabic music”, “probably her best work to date”, and, as “a refined musical experience...that encourages reveling in the most meditative parts of the human imagination” (JazzMag, Jazzwise, Downbeat) that shows every sign of becoming a modern jazz classic, Strange Days is a landmark in the rapidly growing genre of Arabic Nu Jazz.


"I was profoundly moved by this performance, and if you have any sense at all you’ll move Heaven and Earth to catch this line up"

The Afterword

"To say that I was blown away doesn’t do the experience justice"

The Afterword

"That is essentially what Natacha Atlas gigs are; visual feasts and aural delights, mixed together seemingly effortlessly by an endearing and highly talented vocalist. Go see"

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