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Ilario Ferrari

Born in Southern Italy in a small city called Terracina, pianist and composer Ilario Ferrari has manifested a musical vocation since his early years. Though his grandfather was a reputed songwriter, Ilario never had the chance to meet him and grew up in a "non musical" family. He started formal music education as a teenager under the guidance of Andrea Renzelli for guitar, whilst also teaching himself piano and composition.

Ilario’s style has developed towards integrating classical oriented compositions, contemporary Jazz and sounds and rhythms of the Indian and Mediterranean culture. Working with his trio, featuring Charlie Pyne (double bass) and Katie Patterson (drums), Ilario released two albums; 'Childhood Memories' and 'Be Yourself'. Childhood Memories has received enthusiastic feedback around the world and was named “One of the best jazz albums in 2021” by the magazine Jazzists.


Ilario also regularly performs a duo show with Cuban virtuoso violinist Omar Puente and released his latest album, Be Yourself, at Kings Place with a 7 piece band featuring his trio and a String Quartet. 

"Pianist Ilario Ferrari put together an unforgettable show with bassist Charlie Pyne and drummer Katie Patterson. Special guest, Cuban violin virtuoso Omar Puente completed a lineup that explored just about every dimension of musical performance".

Dave Keech - Jazz Up Hitchin 2023

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