Dub Colossus

This project is the vision of Dub Colossus – Dubulah – aka Nick Page. Composer, guitarist, bass player, producer and programmer Nick has worked with a long list of notable artists and eccentrics. In 1990 he formed Trans-Global Underground with Tim Whelan and Hamid Mantu, with whom he produced-wrote-played six albums before leaving in 1997 to form Temple of Sound. Once Temple of Sound had run its course, Nick then decided to concentrate on his favourite alter ego, Dub Colossus.

"It is an adventurous mix of modern beats and jazz rhythms... If you want to explore the music of Ethiopia, it begins with a musical project called Dub Colossus"

Inside World Music

"This album - themed loosely around populism in the UK and US (“Brexit, Trump and the rest of the global madness . . . and how to survive it all!”) - is a welcome return"

Financial Times - Four Star 'Dr Strangedub' review

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