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Edwin Sanz is a hugely versatile artist with multifaceted qualities who is at ease in all the different music styles, he plays a large variety of instruments such as congas, timbales, bongo, drums, cajon, djembe, and many others.

Perfectionist, Edwin is constantly seeking to evolve and to increase his knowledge. Talented & passionate, he was lucky enough to accompany many world-renowned artists.

Edwin Sanz was born in Caracas, Venezuela in the district of San Agustin del Sur.

His passion for the artistic world was transmitted to him by his family native from Barlovento where the afro-venezuelian culture is very strong and present and, more particularly, by his uncle Reinaldo Mijares, himself  a professional dancer and choreographer.

When Edwin was 6 years old and until his 18 years old, Edwin evolves within he joined the group "Grupo Madera", as a dancer. It is also during this period that he began to study the percussion. The "Grupo Madera" promotes the afro-caribbean and afro-venezuelan culture through the dance, the song and the music. The company traveled all around Venezuela as well as in other South American countries and Europe. The company has also participated in various and important television's shows.

The 12 traveling years spent in this group were of primary importance to him as a school of life. This gave him the experience and the training needed for his future solo artistic professional career.

During the year 2000, Edwin decides to stand on his own two feet and to dedicate himself only to the music as a percussionist. In order to extend his experience and to develop his artistic career he takes off for Europe. He arrives at first in Paris-France where he lives few years and get settled finally in Geneva-Switzerland.

Since then Edwin plays with many bands, gives classes and also enjoys recordings.

He is now paying tribute to this hotbed of creativity from which he emerged with a band featuring some of the top salsa musicians in Europe. Leading light in his band is legendary keyboard player Alex Wilson, who must be one of the very few Brits to be invited to Cuba to teach Latin music.Their 2014 Glastonbury performance was the launch of their critically acclaimed album and the band was subsequently voted the best Latin act at the worldwide famous festival. 

‘One of the best salsa releases of summer 2014 dropped worldwide on 16th June. “San Agustin” by percussionist Edwin Sanz is a true international salsa collaboration’ Djlubi

‘with a glinting smile ... the skill with which he integrates fizzing hi-hat patterns into the rapid fire shifts of tempo and subdivisions of his hand drumming makes many a jaw drop.’ - Kevin Le Gendre (Jazzwise) 


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Various artists Edwin has played with:

Adalberto Santiago - Africando - Alfredo de la Fe - Albita Rodriguez - Ahmed Fofana - Alex Wilson - Andy Montañez - Ardag - Rudra Ballet Béjart Lausanne - Batambo - Cheick Tidiane Seck - Cheo Feliciano - Daniel Santa Cruz - Dave Valentin - Deldongo - Donaldo Flores - Emir Ersoy - Franklin Morales - Franklin Veloz - Henri Guedon - Hope Project - Horacio El Negro - Jason Rebello - Jimmy Bosch - John Tempesta - José Alberto "El Canario" - Los Reyes "Gypsy Kings" - Madou Sidiki Diabaté -  Mali Latino - Mercadonegro - Orquesta Gali - Paul  Booth - Richie Ray y Bobby Cruz - Richie Flores - Rodrigo y Gabriela - Salsa New York All Stars - Solside -Tito Nieves -Tony Martinez Cuban Power - Willie Gonzalez - Zumbao 


New Orleans Jazz festival - New Orleans/USA, Montreux Jazz Festival – Montreux/Switzerland, North Sea Jazz Festival – Rotherdam/Netherlands, Paleo Festival - Nyon/Switzerland, April Jazz Festival - Helsinki/Finland, 

Latinoamericando – Milan/Italy, Festival Tempo Latino - Vic Fezensac/France,  Jazz Festival de Lyon – Lyon/France,Les Ardentes Festival - Liege/Belgium, Francofolies - La Rochelle/France, Ghent Jazz Festival - Ghent/Belgium, Théatres Romains de Fourvière - Lyon/France, Theatre Antique - Arles/France, Villa Arconati - Bollate/Italy,

Vielles Charrues - Carhaix/France, Das Festival -  Schaffhausen/Switzerland, Wilderness Festival - Cornbury/UK,Musicalure Festival - Luxey/France, Edinburgh Edge Festival - Edinburgh/UK, Chelmsford V Fest - Chelmsford/UK,Staffordshire V Fest - Staffordshire/UK, Vital Fest - Belfast/UK, Feria de Cali – Cali/Colombia, at this festival he received with the group "Zumbao" the price of the revelation of the year...


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