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Mike Westbrook, " Britain's most innovative big band leader" (The Wire) presents his spectacular "Jazz Rock Oratorio" A BIGGER SHOW.

Kate Westbrook’s scenario uses the image of the fairground to examine, with irony, humour and high drama, the lot of Humankind in the age of the World-Wide-Web.

Mike Westbrook’s score for 21-piece ensemble involves 3 vocalists/actors, acoustic brass and saxophones, electronics and a double rhythm section. Kate Westbrook and fellow vocalists Martine Waltier and Billy Bottle, are joined by established Jazz musicians together with lesser known artists, Pop and Rock musicians, Classical players and talented youngsters in a new kind of big band – the Uncommon Orchestra.

Featured soloists include saxophonists Roz Harding and Alan Wakeman, Dave Holdsworth on sousaphone and pocket trumpet, guitarists Jesse Molins and Matthew North, Marcus Vergette on bass, and Coach York on drums.

More information  on www.westbrookjazz.co.uk

The Uncommon Orchestra

Kate Westbrook & Martine Waltier voice Billy Bottle voice & bass guitar 
Roz Harding, Sarah Dean, Alan Wakeman, Gary Bayley, Ian Wellens saxophones 
Mike Brewer & Sam Massey trumpets 
Dave Holdsworth Sousaphone & trumpet
Andy Dore, Stewart Stunnell, Joe Carnell, Ken Cassidy trombones 
Marcus Vergette bass Jesse Molins& Matthew North guitars 
Coach York & Theo Goss drums
Mike Westbrook piano 
dramaturge Tim Goodwin

Album A BIGGER SHOW-LIVE on ASC Records, distribution by Proper Note. Official Release February 3rd 2016 supported by Airshaft Trust, the late Stephen Hewitt and Patrons of The Uncommon Orchestra



‘The Mike Westbrook Orchestra is a phenomenal band, and Westbrook himself a master of jazz orchestration. He can suggest a carnival, a ballroom, or a greasy back street with a few cunningly placed notes. The full effect is awe inspiring’ - The Observer

‘In Westbrook, big band music has a historically aware champion who can keep the genre moving forward with wit and style’ - The Scotsman

‘Mike Westbrook puts an exhilarating contemporary spin on the big band tradition. The surging excitement of an ensemble in full cry is seldom far away. Kate Westbrook' uses words in ways undreamt of during the heyday of Big Band vocalists.’ - The Guardian

‘Mike Westbrook is one of Britain 's most creative, experimental and daring jazz composers.’ - The Times

‘Whether he is writing for a trio or a 20 piece orchestra, Westbrook's style is unmistakable. He combines instruments in unique ways, twists conventional jazz forms into surprising new shapes and seasons it all with delicate touches of humour and irony.’ - The Observer

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